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The primary mission of Greater Works Christian Church is to bring individuals into a loving and saving relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As a church, we enjoy heartfelt worship, loving fellowship, and relevant biblical teaching. The church also has a responsibility to address the social issues and societal ills of the community in which it serves. Our Vocational Training Institute is designed for this specific purpose.

The Institute provides vocational training, life-skills training, job placement assistance, and ongoing Christian support to at-risk young adults in poor neighborhoods. The goal of the Institute is to prepare these young adults for entry-level jobs in viable vocations, and prevent these young adults from turning to crime, drug-dealing, and other undesirable alternatives. When combined with loving support, our Vocational Training Institute helps participants to escape the streets, overcome past mistakes and redeem lost opportunities. We have received numerous awards for our work over the years, and the story of our ministry has been featured in books and newspaper articles.


Change you can see







The Road to Change

The photos on this page show the dramatic change in one of our program participants as he progressed through our 16-week vocational training program.

When Thomas first came to us (picture 1), he had little hope for the future. He was one of the many young men in poor neighborhoods who hangout on street corners (or in front of convenience stores) most of the day. Like many people from hard places, Thomas had a troubled background and little hope for the future.

It was difficult to get him to cut his hair, or change his “street look.” He rarely smiled, and did not really believe us when we told him that we loved him. It wasn’t long, however, before Thomas began to see that something new was possible. We remained consistent in our faith in him and he saw his vocational skills grow. Soon, we began to see change!

Thomas gradually started wearing the new clothes we’d purchased for him (See picture 3). The men in the church taught him how to wear a tie and he came to love wearing one. By the end of the course (picture 6) Thomas looked like a brand new person. His hair was cut, he had good beginner bookkeeping skills, and best of all he had a quick smile!

The Value of Vocational Training

All of our classes are structured to simulate the actual work environment. We utilize the proven formula of “learning by doing”. Instead of simply talking about a subject, trainees complete real-world work assignments with documents that simulate the actual work environment. Real world exercises and visual aids help participants to understand job expectations. They learn how to work faster, smarter, and how to produce higher quality results. Competency examinations are completed after each level of instruction. Students must score 80% or higher on all competency examinations. They may continue to take examinations until such scores are attained.

Personal Development

Throughout the program students are introduced to business professionals who offer guidance and encouragement. They include persons from a variety of backgrounds and expose participants to the kinds of individuals they will meet in the business environment. Discussion topics are aimed at developing character and interpersonal skills. These sessions offer participants the opportunity to become acquainted with persons who might later become employers, mentors, or advisors.

Life Skills Training

In addition to vocational training, our program includes an intensive curriculum in life skills and work retention skills. Sessions include: Understanding Workplace dynamics, Manager Employee Relationships, Interviewing Skills, Being Work Ready, Taking Initiative and Being Responsible, Becoming A Valued Employee, Workplace Communication, Active Listening, Speaking Clearly, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Writing Business memos and Emails, Using Business Machines, and Following Instructions.

Job Placement Assistance

We utilize the services of a job developer to place our graduates into entry level positions. In addition to job placement assistance, we provide job site follow up, and serve as a liaison between the employer and our graduates. This helps to improve employee performance and employment retention.

Continuing Education and Support

Our graduates are like family. They are always able to come back to us for help. If there is a job skill they need to brush up on, or a new software program they need to learn, we offer continuing support, love, and education.


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